Location: Hawthorne district, OR
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: White
Body Type: Athletic
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Is the lucky devil site still on !?
Posted at 2:09 AM Aug 4, 2011
Woo hoo just bought mika she is wort it !
Posted at 2:08 AM Aug 4, 2011
Another cheater caught .... Best wishes to you Sutton
Posted at 9:59 PM Aug 3, 2011
Need a dancer for private party tomorrow night
Posted at 1:24 PM Aug 3, 2011
Sleeping with these girls gets expensive
Posted at 12:01 AM Aug 3, 2011
Can't make a hoe a housewife
About Me:
Almost 30yrs old and still love dancers. Moved here earlier in the year and loved lucky devil but they quit the online porn feed !!!
Mountain biking , travel , wine laid back
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