Age: 117
Location: Springfield, OR
Gender: Male
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Well, I wonder?, I am forgetful or some call it discreet - you can ask me anything,anytime and it will alway's depend...
Posted at 3:13 PM Sep 11, 2015
Chains   I want to THANK YOU LADIES, I will make it a effort to please you... You are appreciated from all us guy's, no matter what those reason for some may be!!! Guy's treat these ladies with respect - they deserve your respect & $$ - after all they are doing it because they want to , and some because they have to. Rarely do we have a job to entertain and like it while making a living - and make no mistake this is alot of work! So pay them in kind!! Thank's again Darl'ins
Sep 14, 2015 - 2:58 PM    Reply