Age: 40
Location: Portland, OR
Gender: Male
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Enjoyed my visit to Stars at Bridgeport on Wednesday. A nice club with excellent dancers. One of the better clubs I have been to. I would recommend it to others.
Posted at 11:46 PM Mar 11, 2016
Like sensuality in my life
About Me:
I am a 40 yr old male who loves to experience life. Whether vacationing, having extreme fun, or just being around sexy women (which I would prefer always). My life is for living!

I enjoy having bisexual ladies around me and/or as pen/photo pals. It gives me energy and drive that I use in every aspect of my life from business to adventure.

So please don't be shy, ladies!
Hiking, water sports, snow sports, computers, technology, comedy, and having fun.
TempestSkye   Hope you have a good weekend
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