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Looking for a decent strip club to go to with my man around Beaverton luck so far.
Posted at 2:08 AM Dec 4, 2010
gabriela   oh boy! i barely noticed that you had replied to the comment just now! my bad! i wasn't ignoring you.. i appreciate the recommendations you give to others, you are so sweet <3 well, i have a new full time job, & my new schedule/hours only allow me to work on Wednesday nights :-/ the good news though is that i love my new gig just as much as i love dancing. you can still see me then! i also am at Dante's for Sinferno Sunday..go go dancing. you & your sexy man should swing through & say hi! the show starts at 11pm every Sunday on SW 3rd & Burnside. hope to see your lovely face soon! xoxo
Jan 20, 2011 - 10:54 PM    Reply