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See you all at 7pm at the Q Center. It is a free class and you don't want to miss these techniques that will increase your income immediately.
Posted at 10:15 AM Jan 20, 2016
I'm so excited about all the great events coming up in 2016. I love getting to know all you Portland beauties. See you soon...somewhere.
Posted at 8:01 PM Jan 11, 2016
I am excited to be giving away my "3 point sales" in a Free Class at Stripper School tomorrow. Show up at the Q-Center at 7pm and meet me in person. You've got nothing to lose.
Posted at 11:24 AM Dec 1, 2015
Stripper School
About Me:
I opened All About Acting in 2002 coaching actors, models, and comedians. I have now decided to offer a new course call Stripper School. This is mostly a business course that teaches sales and marketing. I also incorporate modeling, showmanship, and an on-camera workshop. We focus on using your career to create your life. Whether it be raising a family, buying a degree, starting your own business, or going for that ideal job, my goal is to help you reach yours and be able to successfully fund yourself in the exotic dance industry.
dancing, singing, acting, comedy, raising kids, gardening, survival skills, yoga, cross-fit, running, whole foods cooking, foraging, wine tasting, going to shows, healing arts, reading/studying and living well. Mostly, at this point in life, I love coaching dancers.
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