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Posted at 2:31 AM Sep 17, 2016
Dancing tonight and Saturday then it's off for some last of summer camping!
Posted at 10:16 AM Sep 14, 2016
While I love the summer sun, dancing in the rainstorm last night was awesome!
Posted at 9:16 AM Aug 9, 2016
I'll be at Stars Bridgeport Tuesday and Thursday then i'll be gone for a week, catch me while you can ;)
Posted at 9:49 AM Jul 26, 2016
It's great to be back! I'll be dancing on Saturday, come out and play!
Posted at 2:13 AM Jul 15, 2016
"Come join me, my garden needs tending" -Poison Ivy
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I love music (mostly rock and heavy metal but also folk music), running through the woods, and spending one-on-one time with interesting people. I adore stories so come see me and tell me one some time!

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(Ps, my shoe size is 9.5-10)
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Stars Cabaret Bridgeport9:00 PM - 2:00 AM
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