Age: 24
Location: Portland, OR
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Bisexual
Ethnicity: Other
Body Type: Athletic
Height: 5' 7"
Weight: 128
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Green
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So, I rocked a rocky horror theme last night in six inch pleasers and all the glam to match -
Actually way easier to dance than I thought it'd be, even as a cat 😸

Thank you again to all of the dancers @Cheetahs Salem
And the Lions Den. Always a blast
Posted at 12:46 PM Oct 28, 2016
Heads up PDX :: The Lions Den hits cheetahs tonight once again for a Halloween addition !!! Come down and get spooky with us Till 4 am!!
Posted at 3:24 PM Oct 27, 2016
So guess who's in EXOTIC MAGAZINE this month?

Three times!!
Posted at 12:13 AM Aug 6, 2016
Shows lined up from this weekend through December!

Holy shit has it been a wild ride creating and promoting all of these events ~ but I gotta say it's been amazing!

Dates of Male Reviews , private parties, and Special Guest appearances to be released so
Posted at 8:38 AM Jul 22, 2016
Since the last two male review shows this month have gone so overwhelmingly amazing , get this, I just might be the ONLY male stripper to ever make it into Exotic Magazine!!

Can I get a fuck yeah fuck yeah!

Look for an upcoming issue of exotic with your
Posted at 8:19 AM Jul 2, 2016
MR. Kreature
About Me:
Moving with the bass and beats I've been known for wielding flame, fetish, and flow. With background in circus and exotic arts your for sure in for a treat from this trixster.

Do you have a fetish fantasy you'd like to see live ?
How about a wish for some birthday bliss?

PM me some insight to your delight, and stay tuned to my calendar to catch me live
'The Lions Den Male Review'
'Ripped City Male Review'

$20 ~ Private Lap Dances
$50 ~ Private Show & Lap Dance
$120 ~ Private Show, Dance & access to my After Hours Photo Set!

**Private Booking**
Bachelor/Bachollerette Event Specials
$$$**Open Ended Time 4 Tips**$$$

Including Fire Performances that get Heated ;)

Come get some guilty pleasure, and enjoy the ride.
I am a full time artist and musician. Enjoying music and arts festivals far and wide. Fitness and health are a growing passion of mine, and I do well progressing in all forms of athleticism.

Music/Sound , Fire Arts / Pyrotechnics
Bondage / Shibari , Alternative Fetish Modeling
Gymnastics, Cannabis
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