Location: Portland, OR
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Ethnicity: Native
Height: 5' 8"
Weight: 120
Hair Color: Dark brown
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I'm back after being off for a few weeks and boy am I ready to have fun!! Come play with me today between 4:00pm and 2:30am at Casa!!
Posted at 1:45 PM Jan 20, 2016
Tis the season of giving! If you bare gifts($$$), I'll bare breasts AND you can touch! Come play at Casa Diablo today between 4:00-2:30 and spread some holiday cheer as the Casa girls spread sexy legs
Posted at 3:03 PM Dec 13, 2015
Sunday will be a FULL day of sinful fun. Two locations ~ Two shifts... come keep me company starting at Dusk Til Dawn between 4:00-9:00 and then at Casa Diablo between 9:30 - 2:30 :-)
Posted at 12:29 PM Oct 1, 2015
Happy Sunday loves!! Come play with me at Casa Diablo TODAY between 4-9!!
xx ~ Luna
Posted at 1:00 PM Aug 30, 2015
Every one loves a happy hour, so cum see me at Casa Diablo TODAY between 4-9 and let me show YOU a real happy hour!! You won't regret it! ~ <3 ~ xxx
Posted at 11:06 AM Aug 27, 2015
Success is believing in yourself then convincing everyone that you're right
About Me:
I think I'm a NASCAR driver in a 25 mph zone.
I love taking road trips. Anywhere and for ANY reason.
I'm a funny drunk and can dance the night away.
I get along better with guys than girls.
I'm an Owl.
I'm addicted to music and wearing guys' shirts as pjs.
My friends mean everything to me, and moving away from them really shows me who were my real friends in the end.

I'm extremely smart and I know what I want in life.
I enjoy the simple things in life and take pride in knowing I am living life for my and not anyone else. Life is good - but without the bad...I wouldn't appreciate the good. I am a STUBBORN and free-spirited individual - who is feisty and wont put up with anyone that isn't worth the time.

i like to giggle
i like random conversations
i like sunshine
i like silly things
i like camping
i like photography
i like ice cream
i like to snuggle
i like dancing
i like music
i like to judge
i like to text
i like my hair in the morning.. meow
i like night time
i like hats
Dance, Music Production, Festivals, Road Trips, TV Show binge watching. Movie Marathons. Wine Tasting. Stormy weather cuddling.
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