Age: 23
Location: Portland, OR
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual
Ethnicity: White
Body Type: Average
Height: 5' 4"
Weight: 132
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue
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Thinking anout Trying out Mary's Club in downtown Next week! <3
Posted at 11:14 PM May 14, 2017
What Clubs do u wanna see me at? Summer is comming! <3
Posted at 11:43 PM Mar 19, 2017
I have Been on a long much needed break! I'm a sexy school girl you know?;) keeping my grades good & my mind on the game! WHAT CLUBS DO YOU THINK I SHOULD TRY OUT AT? i'm thinking of Union jacks!
Posted at 2:40 AM Mar 19, 2017
What Clubs will Hire me?? ;) I need to find a new one asap! <3 Let me know!
Posted at 9:40 PM Aug 30, 2016
What other clubs do you think would hire someone with my body type???? I need some advice!!!<3
Posted at 1:31 PM Jun 30, 2016
I Wanna Switch Clubs where will Hire me??? Please Help Send me Some Info ;
About Me:
Hi! My Name Is Lilly I'm 21 almost 22, I just got back into exotic dancing, I'm Great on the floor but still practicing climbing to the very top of the pole but i do know a few tricks;) I'm 5'4 Slim but with curves in all the right places I'm a 38 B cup & a size 8 I'm the sweetest thing you will ever meet, I can be shy sometimes at first but once we get to talking you will admire me<3 I WORK AT SHIMMERS!!! It's a Great Club I Love it there I Will never waste your time if you don't waste mine I'm ever so sweet just like a Lilly <3 & i have Outstanding, & Beautiful Blue eyes if you want to see them & the rest of my beauty & my amazing Legs & Ass Please come to SHIMMERS for a time you will never regret <3 i'm A People Person I Love Talking about interesting things I'm Very Fun & Love to laugh & Lighten my mood aswell as yours. I Prefer Dancing to Lots Of EDM music seeing as i was a GOGO dancer & I will be again soon <3 I Also prefer Rock Music But i can dance to anything if i have to i always keep it sexy, Cute & Classy I can be pretty adorable & Lots of fun <3 Get to know me at the club:) I'm always worth the while & i will be auditioning at a few other clubs soon aswell. Wish me Luck! Shimmers is the main one i will always be at. <3 I was also in ballet for 5 years so you know i'm good at dancing <3
Music, Acting, & Modeling, Raves Rock Concerts Guitar, School (stay smart) & Peaceful things & Sometimes some Nice Fun:) I can't be too naughty now;) I'm a very classy young lady who is a DANCER ONLY!No Funny stuff!
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s1946   Tommy's too
May 12, 2017 - 1:20 PM    Reply
kevsmith   Beautiful can't wait to come in and see you
Mar 20, 2017 - 9:08 AM    Reply
Mar 20, 2017 - 8:05 PM    Reply
kevsmith   Shimmers
Mar 21, 2017 - 6:35 AM
LillyLove   anywhere else besides shimmers?
Mar 26, 2017 - 1:09 AM    Reply
Brentg   You are amazing!!
Jun 17, 2016 - 3:01 AM    Reply
LillyLove   Thank you!
Jun 20, 2016 - 6:21 AM    Reply