Age: 38
Location: Kirkland, WA
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Ethnicity: White
Body Type: Voluptuous
Height: 5' 10"
Hair Color: Dark brown
Eye Color: Brown
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I can now wholeheartedly recommend both The Kit Kat Club and Acropolis in Portland. Both experiences were mighty.
Posted at 3:01 PM Sep 22, 2013
Lead MC of Death*Star
About Me:
I'm one of two MCs in the nerdcore hip-hop trio Death*Star. Amusingly, I almost never visit clubs in Washington; I tend to go out exclusively when my band plays a show in Portland. Go figure.
Music, hip-hop, nerdcore, books, nerd stuff, geek chic, writing, movies, TV, comic books, hookah smoking, cigars, scotch, bourbon, whiskey, beer, cool beverages, tattoos, sunglasses
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