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I'm working at Spearmint Rhino today until 9pm.
We have the best deal for dancers in the whole Portland area.
You can work here and your regular club.
Earn profit sharing* from some club sales.
Posted at 5:02 PM Mar 17, 2015
6 strippers that are all great for different reasons, in no particular order. Rocket, Malice, Elle, Jordan, Swan, and Karma.
Posted at 12:05 AM Dec 23, 2014
If your working weekday and you haven't done at least 10 dances, you should think about checking out Spearmint Rhino. Under new management.
Posted at 4:48 PM Sep 2, 2014
With the "Stripped Life" pitch pilot done, I can be found most days Monday-Friday working at Spearmint Rhino, as well as the occasional fill in moonlighting at other Portland clubs as well.

Working on a businesses plan as well, that may make for a much s
Posted at 3:08 PM Aug 27, 2014
the "Stripped Life" T.V. show is filming around Portland, OR. Audition/Interviews being scheduled. Had a great time filming at Dante's, and last night at Lucky Devil Longue. Have your club contact me.
Posted at 11:09 PM Apr 24, 2014
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PappaSmurfPro -
2015 - Manager & Bouncer at Spearmint Rhino.
Dancer Driver for hire - $1 a mile or $25 anywhere in Metro. Book early call or text (971) 400-1108.
2014 - Assistant Producer for the "Stripped Life" television pitch pilot.
2013 - Former Production Director for Scream at the Beach.
1995-Current - Photographer/Videographer, Producer, Actor, Graphics, Designer, Writer, Special FX Makeup, and Artist.
2007 - Current - Business Owner of PSP Company. Discount Dancer Shoes.
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Danielle   Hey there, would love to see your photography work
Aug 31, 2012 - 1:15 PM    Reply
Marlee   what is the smurf for?
Mar 21, 2011 - 2:47 PM    Reply
PappaSmurf   It's been my nick-name for 20 years. I got it from looking out for my friends and being the one they could always turn to. Started as being teased as dad & papa but turned into PappaSmurf and all my little smurfs.
Mar 21, 2011 - 5:49 PM    Reply
Rocket   Thank you so much for that sweet comment you left me <3 xoxo
Mar 22, 2010 - 4:01 PM    Reply