Age: 34
Location: MT
Gender: Female
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Will be working at Pandora in Lake City! Can't wait to get naked! WHoop!
Posted at 12:24 AM Sep 24, 2011
worked at pandora again on a friday night... again slow... where is everyone at these days???
Posted at 10:40 PM Sep 17, 2011
worked at pandora last night... it was ok but still kinda slow, but I left at 11pm... people need to come check out this new club!!! :D
Posted at 12:11 AM Sep 11, 2011
Ok updated my information ;)
Posted at 2:16 PM Aug 25, 2011
Haven't been on here in a while but I thought I'd check it out!
Posted at 2:00 PM Aug 25, 2011
If there is a place to enjoy sexual seduction, it's at Payton's Place.
About Me:
Hi there my potential new play mate. If you have ever met me in person you know I'm a curvy sexy lady wanting to give you honest attention.

I live in Montana from time to time and dance at Teaser's Gentleman's club and also the Buffalo Jump. My permanent residence is in Seattle, WA. I am currently dancing at a NEW club in Lake City called Pandora.

Being appreciated and sexy is what I love, if I can put a smile on your face and you feeling, "oh so good" then I have accomplished my goal. ;D
I am currently working towards opening my own business and would love everyone's support for that. Goal is to have it open by 2013.

On my spare time, I enjoy reading books, photography, hanging out outdoors, going to concerts, festivals, traveling, and MOST OF ALL SEXXXXXXXX! I love it every where anytime of day.n Let's just say my men are never dissatisfied in that department...
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mt_n_bz   Very hot! Do u have anymore pics?? :o)
Feb 28, 2011 - 2:29 PM    Reply