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Smog has been filling the open air for quite sum time now,i'm surprised that kinda shiate hasn't killed anyone yet...Maybe stricter regulations need to be put in place...On the "Lawmakers"!!!
Posted at 5:55 PM Mar 23, 2016
Shattered?Battered?Nah,actually flattered...Heh heh...Anyone interested in cumming over for coffee and crisps??If those aren't yer cup of tea,how about sum undisturbed times of pleasure?!Heh heh...
Posted at 5:48 PM Mar 23, 2016
Translucent splinters of wasteful pleasures,gleam and fling throughout baron landscapes of glorious stomps...Mistaken are those who's idea of glorious,actually coincides with that of COWARDLY!!!
Posted at 5:38 PM Mar 23, 2016
Yet again,another fun filled dust swirl of a day...Tumble weeds rolling along desolate land,with no sight of rain.
Posted at 3:45 AM Mar 11, 2016
Snugly nestled between a sweltering,tightly grasping,ever so squishy swivel of flesh,sits,weighed in thought...
Posted at 4:57 AM Feb 23, 2016
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