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Tentatively adding my weekend schedule!
I was just contacted and told that Skinn would be operational by my usual shifts.
Posted at 2:27 PM Dec 30, 2015
Well my dears, Club Skinn was taken over by a new owner this week, and we're not sure when it's going to be operational yet.
Hopefully soon, because otherwise y'all will have to come see me at a new club!
Posted at 10:28 AM Dec 26, 2015
I'm looking at my calendar for the rest of the month, and I am going to be very busy.
I'm not sure how much more I will be working until after the new year, so if you want to see me, do it soon!
My xoticspot schedule will be updated as soon as I get my mo
Posted at 2:27 AM Dec 14, 2015
Hey guys! I'm cooking full time at Casa Diablo and Black Cauldron as the pastry chef lately, but I am still available for private dances Tuesday-Thursday from 4-9 at Black Cauldron and from 11 am-9 pm on Fridays! Just come by and ask the bartender for Sha
Posted at 3:15 PM May 10, 2014
After a brief hiatus I am hopefully going to find a new, better club soon!
Posted at 2:47 AM Feb 8, 2014
I am always looking for a good time with friendly folks!
punk rock
making art
Weekly Appearances
Sat.Mar 24No appearances scheduled.
Sun.Mar 25No appearances scheduled.
Mon.Mar 26No appearances scheduled.
Tue.Mar 27No appearances scheduled.
Wed.Mar 28No appearances scheduled.
Thu.Mar 29No appearances scheduled.
Fri.Mar 30No appearances scheduled.
Sat.Mar 31No appearances scheduled.
Sun.Apr 01No appearances scheduled.
Mon.Apr 02No appearances scheduled.
Tue.Apr 03No appearances scheduled.
Wed.Apr 04No appearances scheduled.
Thu.Apr 05No appearances scheduled.
Fri.Apr 06No appearances scheduled.
Lickyou   Why can't we be friends?
Jan 18, 2016 - 11:14 PM    Reply
Lickyou   You're so sexy. I love your pictures. Where and when will you be dancing next? I must see you.
Jan 16, 2016 - 11:43 PM    Reply