Age: 29
Location: Seattle, WA
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual
Ethnicity: White
Body Type: Petite
Height: 5' 3"
Weight: 120
Hair Color: Dark brown
Eye Color: Hazel
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A dancer-dominatrix, passionate and fun sadomasochist
About Me:
Height: 5’3”
Weight: 120
Hair: Currently Blonde, subject to change with or without notice
Eyes: Hazel
Favorite Music: Rock, Metal, New age/Traditional world music
Ideal Date: Concert, walking in a park, dinner & bubble tea. <s>Must end in sex.</s>
Best gift: CDs, clothes, fancy green tea.
Favorite food: Japanese food
Favorite drink: Sake, green tea
Favorite type of guy (or girl): a sweet, open-minded person
Disliked type: dishonest, disrespectful, or unclean people

I love music and my dream is actually to be a singer in a rock band. My hobbies are painting, and studying Japanese.
I'm passionate about what I do and have always been very into BDSM and enjoy interesting fetishes that take me outside the norm. Even if you think your fetish might be weird, feel free to talk to me about it.

Although I used to be more submissive and still switch from time to time, my nature is very dominant.

I offer sessions for beginners as well as those who know what they like and have experience.
What we do will be my choice, your aim should be to please me and do as I say.

Please email me and tell me your limits and what activities you enjoy to make an appointment.

My favorite things are bondage, torture and dog treatment.
15 minute sessions are available for foot fetish, SPH, & financial domination only.
Public sessions available for dog walks and financial domination/shopping only.

Note that you'll be blocked for:
Asking for sex
Asking that I meet you anywhere outside the club
Asking me to send you pictures
Asking for discounts or free sessions
Asking that I remove any clothing (not legal in Washington)
Asking for blood, urine, or scat play
Seeming too interested in your own pleasure over mine (not submissive!)

My club:
Kittens Cabaret
Wed, Fri, Sat 12-10pm

Sessions: (private room or public in club)
$150 15 minutes, $275 half hour, $400 1hr, $700 2 hr, $900 3 hr.
Slave-for-a-day special (up to 10 hours. Can be private or public in the club): $2000

I am available for regular lap dances (playful/sensual touch and company) if not busy in a session.
Music, sex, nature, painting...
Weekly Appearances
Sat.Feb 24No appearances scheduled.
Sun.Feb 25No appearances scheduled.
Mon.Feb 26No appearances scheduled.
Tue.Feb 27No appearances scheduled.
Wed.Feb 28No appearances scheduled.
Thu.Mar 01No appearances scheduled.
Fri.Mar 02No appearances scheduled.
Sat.Mar 03No appearances scheduled.
Sun.Mar 04No appearances scheduled.
Mon.Mar 05No appearances scheduled.
Tue.Mar 06No appearances scheduled.
Wed.Mar 07No appearances scheduled.
Thu.Mar 08No appearances scheduled.
Fri.Mar 09No appearances scheduled.
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