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OOooo it's gonna be a sexy devlish night at casa diablo I feel it deep down.....mmmm come play with me
Posted at 5:18 PM Apr 17, 2012
I'm gonna be rockin' the house at casa diablo tonight! come out to play with me, I had a week off and I'm ready to play!!
Posted at 6:18 PM Mar 27, 2012
Casa Diablo tonight! it's gonna be such a wonderful night my partner in crime holly foxxx will be there and we are so ready for naughty devilish fun!!
Posted at 3:58 PM Dec 6, 2011
back to every tuesday and wednesday from nine to close! come see me at casa this week!
Posted at 1:32 AM Oct 10, 2011
You wont be seeing me this week until friday, it's my birthday on wednesday ;)
Posted at 12:00 AM Aug 30, 2011
Have you been seeing stars??
About Me:
So if you have not heard about it yet it's time to make it official, I'm the girl that dances with a jeweled butt plug! Yes thats right I dance on stage, pole tricks and all, with a beautiful sparkling Steele butt plug inside my ass. AND I LOVE IT!! Think what you want to think or say what you would like to say but at least satisfy that curiosity or add yet another glorious and naughty memory to your mental spank bank because this is something you have never seen a stripper do before! Now that I have put the rumors to rest about some hot dancer at Casa Diablo with a plug in her ass on to a bit more about star. Tequila is one of my favorite things to drink, why you ask? It brings out the naughty in me and there is quite a lot of it! Dancing is also one of my favorite things to do as well, but who the fuck doesn't like dancing or at least watching some sexy (naked) girl dance at some clubs (Casa Diablo) they might even hop off stage and give you a taste of what happens in the back rooms of theses fine establishments that supply me with all my favorite night time activities. Drinking, socializing, dancing, being naked...mmmmm naked. I really do love sharing my Time in between sets hanging at the bar just chatting and taking shots. ;) I have been dancing ever since I was young but now I can do all that on stage and best part is the silly outfits come OFF!! Wooooohoooo ok so I love the outfits but naked soo much BETTER!!
All things beautiful or unique. Reading, any good book that can pull you in and hold you down till you turn the last page. Walking through old neighbors like down by SW 23rd or driving in the SW hills. I like exploring with my 5 year old pit bull in the forest trails. Puzzles are a great stress relief for me but its so hard to find a good one these days. ooo and modeling clay like the oven bake kind, I looove making like creatures and tiny tea sets and such its soo much fun. Arts and crafts really are a fantastic outlet you just gotta find the right media! DINOSAURS!! I have always loved them since I was really little and Kermit The Frog, he is my hero for real!
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rocketman   Anyone know what became of this girl? She was balls hott!
May 06, 2014 - 1:19 PM    Reply
Liesels   Love your Photos… Very Hott, Very Sexxy, Very Beautiful!
Sep 14, 2012 - 2:14 PM    Reply
LeeInPDX   Such a phenominal woman
Mar 28, 2012 - 12:00 PM    Reply
TORTUROUS_V   i'm curious,what is the purpose of a butt plug?
Dec 23, 2011 - 5:05 PM    Reply
nealandrew   What time and Place you dancing this coming Sat? I'm a Fireman in Tacoma but gonna be in Portland Sat
Oct 04, 2011 - 10:30 PM    Reply
Elle   Hey Lady! Congrats on the ad. I have one of those butt-plugs too, the chrome and jeweled...but I have no idea how you manage to dance with it; they are so heavy! Props to you, from a fellow plug-lover. Mwah.
May 10, 2011 - 10:50 AM    Reply
natedoggg   wet dreams you give me
May 09, 2011 - 3:16 PM    Reply
morbidryan   Wowzers! You look like fun!! Can't wait to see more of yoooooou!
May 19, 2010 - 12:40 AM    Reply
Petra   whhhooooooaaaaa nelly, ur new pictures are, umm, quite umm, revealing! Xoxo, miss u!
Mar 01, 2010 - 4:23 AM    Reply