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True True
Posted at 6:09 AM Oct 27, 2016
lifestyles of the rich and famous....young money muthafucking entertainment
Posted at 6:49 PM Jun 21, 2016
Thinking bout going to Fred's tonight., I ain't been up there in a minute yo. I have no friends and nobody likes me on here. Sucks
Posted at 8:32 PM Apr 18, 2016
How do I put a pic on here?
Posted at 4:28 AM Jan 25, 2016
What up yall does anybody use this shit still?
Posted at 4:28 AM Jan 25, 2016
I know they can't fuck with me cuz I can't fuck with my damn self
About Me:
Ima don Ima don Ima don Ima don...I gave my whole family jobs and I take care of my mom...me and my girl been thru so much that's my partner in crime...touch any of the above now you harder to find. Gone
Bullriding, money, pretty girls, skid steers in that order. Does anybody read this shit? I mean really. Can somebody let me know id appreciate it. If you do I'll tell you some juicy funny true real shit for real you will not be disappointed. For real trust me ok. If I'm full of shit I'll make it rain on you swear to god.
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