Age: 30
Location: portland, OR
Gender: Female
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So me and a couple of my girls have not been to the fair yet we r hoping that some awesone guy would love to take us this weekend. we are quite entertaining promise make you laugh and enjoy yourself
Posted at 7:55 PM Aug 12, 2015
Hey im lonely tonight at club fantasy someone should come see me
Posted at 4:18 AM Aug 12, 2015
cute and love to make u laugh
About Me:
Well hello, so im kinda going through this crazy stage in my life im looking to make some new friends that i can do all that stuff i have never done yet. :) I love dancing in the club and making my customers laugh. Im 100% real what u see is what u get. I love the fact that i can always be me and never feel ashamed. Another cool thing is that i wont scare the hec out of you if you see me with no makeup on. Lol i know u probably do not care about that but trust me its kinda a big deal.
Im totally trying to do everything ive never done. We only live 1 life so im trying to live it. Right now i work at club fantasy and i love it so come and see me
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