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4508 Old Lincoln Hwy
Oakford, PA 19053
(215) 750-1319
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This is what you would call a "mom and pop" strip bar. The building is all apartments on the upper levels, while the lower two levels are reserved for a strip club (dressing room, offices and lap/champagne rooms are downstairs).

It's kind of dark and depressing as far as environment goes, and a little dirty too. There are few customers most of the time. Best times of the year to work there are spring and the holidays. Scruples is a good place to go for temporary extra money without worrying about a house fee (there isn't one!). But in January and February, the money drops down to nothing.

Couch dances are a bit of a ripoff: $20 for 5 minutes, and the dancer gets only $10. Most girls don't bother with couch dances as a result. The champagne room is a better deal: $150 for 20 min. and the dancer keeps $100 - but they are very hard to sell. Both lap dance and champagne rooms are small, dirty and have mirrors like a brothel (lol!). Not the kinds of rooms you'd want to be in. The stages are also very dirty too, so floor work is not a good idea.

Dayshift dancers are very nice here, for the most part, and so are the customers. There's no hustle per se; you can wait for customers to ask for a dance if you like.

There is no mandatory tipping, though it's politeness to tip the DJ (however much you wish). There are few lockers available, so it's advisable to leave valuables in your car. Heavy fines are imposed for lateness/call-outs/no-shows. Scheduling is very flexible; there are no "mandatory" days. Stage sets vary in length (depends on the number of girls per shift) and you circulate twice for tips, usually getting $2 per customer. Because of that and its lack of house fee, Scruples is great for a little side money (without risk of not making fees and tip-outs) to supplement another job.
Feb 08, 2014 - 10:02 AM