Hours: 4pm - 2:30am Everyday!
Ages: 21+
Cover: No Cover Charge
Dances: $35
Club Rating:

2839 NW Saint Helens Rd
Portland, OR 97210
(503) 222-6600
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Casa Diablo is the world's first and only Vegan Strip Club. We are totally different than any other strip club you have been to before. We have 10 to 16 dancers each night giving you the best private dances in Portland. Seven topless bartenders. The only smoke and watch lounge in Portland. Real live girl-on-girl sex shows. And our food rocks! We've got the best fuckin' burger ever. Once you have experienced Casa Diablo we're sure you will see why we are the only club from Portland ranked in's Top 100 Strip Clubs in the world.
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I absolutely love this place! The atmosphere was laid back, the food was spectacular and the girls were down to earth and gorgeous. I keep hearing about the live sex acts, but I have not experienced it yet, but I am looking forward to it! I have not noticed the things that were talked about in the negative reviews. I have been to a lot of clubs in many states, and this is my favorite so far ❤ keep up the awesome work!!
Jan 14, 2017 - 3:57 PM
I just stared at this club
the girls and all the staff are great sweethearts also its the best club I worked at so far
Jan 04, 2016 - 12:16 AM
The bartender has such large, natural awesome boobs most of the guys were at the bar ordering drinks. when the shift changed at 9pm the next bartender had even larger boobs(enhanced). if i had $40 i would get a lap dance from the bartender, rather than the normal b-cups with tats.
Oh yes, I am a boob man.
Oct 19, 2015 - 9:34 PM
The food was awesome. The Hickory Burger was so good I couldn't believe it was not meat. Can't comment on anything else as the most social person in the club was the cute bartender. The dancers were more about chatting with themselves then patrons, except for two elderly guys close to the bar. I wasn't inclined to go to the rail, although I did put a few two dollars bills out. (no reaction to them) Not a very inviting in terms of relating to dancers. I was made to feel like I had a disease.
Aug 13, 2015 - 6:23 AM
Came late on a sunday with the wife and some friends. Expected very little for a Sunday, but was very pleasantly surprised. Nice mix of girls, several very stunning! All those I talked to were quality but immediately connected with the beautifully sexy Soulshine, a perfect description for her infectious smile. She was hands down the best stripping experience I've had (includes top clubs in LA, Vegas, San Diego, and El Paso). Soulshine is not just a beautiful smile and genuine persona, but comes armed with some tight legs and moves that wont be soon forgotten. I went all in for a 3 song lapdance and it was so damn hot my wife said it sounded like we were really having sex!
I dont do reviews but Soulshine earned it! 5 Stars to Her and to the club for recognizing Soulshines immense talent..minus 1star to the club for the conveyer belt like moving of the girls. That said I respect that the club and girls need to make money, so I understand but it still takes away from things, even when you have money to spend.
Soulshine deserves every penny so if you haven't already, give her and the other beautiful ladies at Casa Diablo a visit. Thanks again Soulshine for a truly unforgettable experience!
Jul 28, 2015 - 1:59 AM
This is a pretty banging and comfortable place, went tonight, a Wednesday as a first timer and they have a ton of beautiful girls...lots of girls beautiful girls... I was amazed, definitely over priced lap dances but did I mention beautiful girls ... I know I will go back. some of these girls are some serious model material, not the average Portland strip club skank stuff... worth a visit, I will go back... shout out to marley, kennedy, britteny and shayna..... wow!!
Feb 13, 2014 - 12:51 AM
HYPE. Yes, there are sexy, fun dancers at Casa Diablo, and the big stage is unique and does allow for 3 to many dancers at the same time which can be great to over-whelming! Part of the enjoyment of Strip Clubs is that you get to talk with strippers and the style at this place is dance on the stage, dance in a customers face and move on to the next one. Yes, I had a lot of fun when I went but it was a small group of friends... this is a bar you would/should feel pretty awkward cruising alone, something like going to a party you weren't invited to. And there really is nothing else here except the big stage and expensive lap dances! The thing I will always remember from my first time there was a petite stripper who had a butt-plug in while on-stage that the end was designed to look like a big diamond.... Bling in her Butt... legendary.

The private dances are $35 which is severely unjustified, so even though I will go there again, the lap dances are weak and the lap dance area was weak too. Go with a group, Enjoy the Stage act but don't bother with the Double-Priced Lap Dances!
Jan 07, 2013 - 7:50 PM
Take it from me, an industry veteran who has worked at 40+ clubs all over the world, Casa freaking ROCKS. They treat their girls right and don't demand outrageous house fees. And they provide an environment that's conducive to the dancers getting wild and crazy with each other and with the customers in a safe environment.

If I owned the club, I would also require a private dance else would I know I was hiring a talented girl? This is known as one of, if not the best place to work in town, so they can be selective. Johnny seems like a pretty awesome, straight shooter who just wants his business to succeed and for all of the girls and guys (DJ's etc) to make money. His model is by far the best I have seen in the industry!

The club's hours are however listed incorrectly on this site. They open at 11am and I'm there most days. Hope to see you there!
Nov 19, 2012 - 5:16 PM
I went to go work at this club. Everything was great except the way all the girls were "shuffled" from stage to stage. Personally I like to have a chance to at least say thank you to my customers at MY rack. Instead the girls get humiliated for attempting to make the "stage" experience more personable. MR. Diablo is nice enough except the fact that I wasn't allowed to collect my money like a lady, so the prognosis is I can't work nights there ;( too bad cause it was fun (other than the "teenage" girl working on all my shifts that wanted to "flex" on me cause I was making more dinero than her...) Sorry for your bad luck hun... try being a team player instead of a hater. Kisses to all the Casa Boys in general...Perhaps I'll give day shifts a try... Nights in the PDX scene are not what they used to be.

Love, Massive Gunns
Jan 16, 2012 - 2:53 PM
Casa Diablo = hands down the most FUN you'll have at a strip club. EVER. The only club that ALWAYS has customers, and they, and the girls working, are all having a blast. Everyone is always in a super good mood and the atmosphere is awesome, you can't help but have a good time. Don't take my word for it, come see for yourself. and to "theweedman", maybe if you weren't so stoned and learned how to speak/type proper english you'd fare a little better in life. Why do you keep saying "loser boyfriends who can't support them", do you think women shouldn't work? Or that it's the guys job to support their girl? and that all "strippers are to be single" really......not even gonna get started on this one. High fives to Johnny and all the hot ass girls shakin it over at casa diablo, keep up the good work!
Dec 22, 2011 - 3:18 AM
dorry to say but wtf with in 1 min of me working into the place some stripper rolling on E comes up to me and aksed for me to get a lapdance the min i walked in i started talking to her and she tells me she had a Boy friend then asked again do i want a lapdance im sorry but strippers are to be single not taking but some loser that doesnt want to suport them not sure wtf was with the Drum and Bass music but that shit sucks and two other girls come up to me and still i find out there taking by some guy like why would i want to get blue balls from some girl i have no chance on taking home let alone 35 dollars for a lapdance talk about unclassy its like you girls must like loser boy friends that cant suport you ,oh let alone some fuckign girl asked me why dont i fix my teeth wow talk about rude i did nothing for her to be rude and even ask it was your little blonde was one of the blondes you had working flat out im friends with alot of club owners but wow talk about crap strip club i would say hands down you shouldnt go to casa diablo
Nov 12, 2011 - 5:38 AM
I have worked all around Portland and I have to say this club is by for the best club I have every worked for... For those girls who stick around long enough, you can make alot of money at this club! Not only that the bouncers are very protective of the girls who work there. What many don't know is we have alot of rules and regulations set on us dancers because of our safety. And to the guy who said he had to pay 5 dollars and didn't get carded... The 5 dollars does go to a raffle that you could potentially win a free lap dance. In case people forgot Casa Diablo dances are $35 per song. So I have to say to only pay 5 dollars to one is a screaming deal.The cover charge is only on fridays and saturdays, be thankful its not everyday of the week. And they probably didn't card you because you looked over the age of 40 or you have been there before, a lot! Other than that have your ids ready because you do get carded every time.

I want to clear up this "live girl on girl sex show", yes we do have them but the girls are clean about it and its sexy as hell only a woman with insecurities would complain about the shows.

Also the cook is a woman she doesn't sit there and stare. she is too busy doing her job to sit there and stare at other women when she has the same thing( she does have a great body too).

Yes our dressing room is tiny we could use a bigger one but we are happy that we have one regardless.. we don't need a door to the dressing room because we are tucked away by the back office so what is the point.

The owner is amazing. Yes you do have to give him a lap dance when you do your audition and the reason he does this is because if you don't give him a great lap dance how are you suppose to give other men in the club one. It's that simple and most of the time he isn't sitting there enjoying the dance he is going over the rules with you. If he doesn't go over lap dance rules with you then you suck at giving lap dances and you don't get hired period.. Men would have to agree, if you got a lap dance from a girl who sucked at it wouldn't you be upset by it; like you wasted your money? I know I would! Good thing the owner is looking out for his customers.

The owner is not a pervert sometimes he may seem that way but he isn't. The reason why he hangs out in the office with the door open is because girls usually have questions for him, need to turn in ones, complaining about some customer or new girl who is stepping on everyones last nerve, writing in the new schedule for the week, and watching girls on camera that are giving lap dances to make sure there is no prostitution going on. So sounds like to me he is too busy to just be hovering over any one girl in paticular..

Now that is most of the behind the scene stuff of the club.

From a customer's view... yeah the place gets packed but thats because we put on one of the best performances around in Portland. There is 30+ girls working a night shift and to make sure everyone gets a chance to see these vixon we have three stages and we rotate to show off our goods to you :) Best topless bartendars/ waitress around! Even though the food is vegan its still damn good! Even if I wasn't working here I would come here any chance I had to have fun with the gals and staff!!
Oct 31, 2011 - 11:22 AM
I worked there for one shift a few years ago, and the vibe was creepy.
First of all, it is the only club (out of about 30) that I have ever worked at where the OWNER wants a PRIVATE DANCE for the AUDITION. GROSS, and creepy.
Second: the "dressing room" was like, a tiny old office (or closet???), with NO DOOR on it, and YOU HAD TO WALK THROUGH THE KITCHEN TO GET TO. DISGUSTING. The cooks would stand in the kitchen and peek in at us and the owner came in every 2 seconds, just to chat and hang out apparently, it was so gross.
The owner does offer a free meal to the girls working, so that is cool, but I just couldn't get over his constant hovering, and the lack of privacy in the dressing area (a stripper's respite site).
Club gets a thumbs down, and the "live sex acts on stage", it's just gross. gross gross gross.
The girls doing 'live sex acts' on a filthy stage are walking through the kitchen every few minutes, that's just gross.
Aug 28, 2011 - 2:15 PM
I can't decide if the atmosphere here was a roadside haufbrau, a barn, or an Uruguayan whore house. Lots of sodden frat boys standing around with their sun glasses on the top of their heads (at midnight) and their baseball caps turned backwards. The women are wonderfully sexy; but they move from pole to pole with the regularity of factory workers. There was a five dollar cover for a "raffle" and nobody was carding. Perhaps the place will get shut down for health violations or for contributing to the delinquency of minors before anyone wastes any more money here. I wouldn't bother to even rate this dive but I have to so that I can submit this review. .
Aug 20, 2011 - 1:46 AM
Casa Diablo has it right. It is a strip club that keeps its focus in all the right places, the girls. First off I just want to state how the girls are incredibly beautiful and sexy. They have such a range of girls it makes for a wide range of People Plus they always seem like they are having a genuine good time. I rarely see a bored stripper here. With seating along the walls, you can't not be facing the stage seeing anywhere from one to three girls dancing at a time. Even if you are at the bar, you will be served by topless bartenders. Also, there is NO giant tv displayed playing the big game. It does have a small tv set off to the side that I have only seen playing the news. I would say that 95% of the customers would not even recall seeing a tv period.

The dances are just tops. Tops. Tops. Worth every penny. Since the rules here are less restrictive, it makes for a memorable and sexy adventure for any man/woman/couple who gets one. If have to get at least one. From my experience I would recommend planning on getting at least two because its hard to say no to a second.

Since it is not located right in the heart of downtown or the trendy east side, Casa really thrives on word of mouth. So this is me doing my part. Go there. Bring your friends, they will be thanking you.
Jun 13, 2011 - 5:25 PM
Was surprised...but we loved this place...the private dances that me and my wife got were unreal...
Jan 06, 2011 - 2:28 PM
I spent a couple of hours at Casa for the first time and I think it's now my favorite PDX club. Too bad it's so far from my house.
Every stage dance was a lap dance, the girls show lots and are beautiful.
Coors Lite in a can is the only bad thing I can say. Oh, and the parking lot is on a hill and getting your door open can be a chore.
Jul 15, 2010 - 4:00 PM