Age: 27
Location: Portland, OR
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual
Ethnicity: Other
Body Type: Athletic
Height: 5' 7"
Hair Color: Light brown
Eye Color: Brown
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Tommys Too is AWFUL....just AWFUL. Save your money and go somewhere else!
Posted at 12:43 PM Sep 13, 2016
Back 2 working bitches
Posted at 9:28 PM Sep 10, 2016
sorry i haven't been around! i'm going back to school so wish me luck!!!
Posted at 9:21 AM Oct 21, 2014
hey GUYS (and grrrrls) CUM see me at pitiful princess!!!! we have new bouncer that is so chill and my favorite bartender:JILL is working tonight!!! yay! i'll b there 9:30 to close! xoxo
Posted at 2:28 PM Nov 15, 2013
OMG i have been so out of it lately!!! anyways.... cum see me when i'm working and i will try and keep my schedule posted daily. luv u horny assholes!!!! xoxo
Posted at 8:34 AM Aug 30, 2013
Long hair, great ass
About Me:
Hello, I love meeting new people and staying friends with the guys that are sweet and charming. I have always loved older men... I always say my two vices are: alcohol and men! Lol! So find me and you could be my next "bad habit"... *wink *wink


i don't have a facebook account yet but i am working on it.

i had a myspace account a long time ago but i forgot my password.

i don't believe in twitter. nobody is that interesting to me.

oh, and just so you guys out there know.... I can't stand smoking. cigarettes that is. (the herbal stuff i fine with me even though i don't do it myself. )
i love movies such as fight club, anything with zombies, anything with angelina jolie and/ or johnnie depp, enter the dragon, office space, tommyboy, dumb and dumber, donnie darko....etc. I am not big on romantic movies aka chick flicks, i make a great date because i love action movies... borne identity movies, terminator movies, romeo must die, pitch black, independence day, (the original) total recall (three boobies! yay!), james bond movies, denzel washington movies, bruce lee movies, die hard movies, matrix movies, true lies, speed (only the first one though), shawshank redemption, predator, face off, and the aliens movies w/ sigourney weaver, etc. you get the drift.

i love shows like sons of anarchy, dexter, rescue me, raising hope, my name is earl, 30 rock, 3rd rock from the son, in living color, mad tv, simpsons, family guy, southpark, married with children, and house. (that's not all of em but you get the drift... i can't stand jersey shore and most reality shows like that.)

i love running, baking (for those of you who may have run into me at Skinn knows because i feed some of you my delicious cookies and pie. yum!), i know that women say this but i truly love fucking (of course it has to be with someone that turns you on and knows that its important to make the woman cum more than the man! always fun times! ex's know what i'm taking about.... i have had men complain that i want too much sex! i know.... can you believe it!?!).
i love the water but i can't swim, i like to read a lot, i listen to a lot of music.... deep down inside i will always be a rocker chick but i do listen to most things... but NOT country. sorry cowboys but it's true.
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onechange   You look great. Are you still dancing?
Nov 30, 2014 - 4:22 PM    Reply
rocketman   Thanks for the add. Would love to see a few more pics, too.
Jul 16, 2013 - 1:21 PM    Reply