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Hey lovers! Sooooooooo excited to get back to work tonight at Cheetah's in Hollywood. Also, I am still looking for a good nude club in the Los Angeles area, so, never fear, my friends. <3
Posted at 12:20 PM Mar 28, 2013
On the injured list again. =( My ability to get hurt is just ridiculous! A co-worker I was helping with pole tricks stepped on my bare foot and ripped my entire big toe nail off. *cries*
Posted at 12:43 PM Feb 16, 2012
Brrr, baby it's cold outside! I'll be at The Sands from noon till late, possibly all the way till 2:30am to cover for ladies who can't come in when it snows. Come let me keep you warm! ♥
Posted at 9:52 AM Jan 15, 2012
Come see me tonight! Last night was *painfully* dull. =P For the love of all that's sexy, come throw dollar $1s at my ass. lolz 5-12. AND, I'll be making a super-rare FRIDAY NIGHT appearance tomorrow!
Posted at 2:26 PM Nov 3, 2011
Guys!!! I just dropped almost every $ I made last night on the rest of my costume today. =D Come see me! You won't be disappointed. Will spank for tips... hehe Happy Halloween!
Posted at 3:26 PM Oct 31, 2011
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