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Date Posted: Mar 12 2014, 7:28 pm
XoticSpot is proud to announce our biggest and most rewarding update yet!

Today we are launching our Referral Rewards program. For every dancer you refer to XoticSpot.com, we will give you 10% of all dancer revenue made on their profile. Yes, this is profit sharing that couldn't be any easier!

How does it work?

Simply tell all of the dancers you know to go to XoticSpot.com, click the Join link, and then put your username on the "Referred By Username" field. This lets us know that it was you who referred them.

Next, you make money when they do! So, you will then need to encourage them to sign up for our free dancer services including:

- Dancer certification.
- XoticSpot Text. Get paid to text with customers who sign up.
- Sell Photos & Videos on their profile.

Is this limited to just dancers?

No, anyone can do it. If you're an agent, a club owner, or just a regular guy who knows a lot of dancers, start getting them to sign up. You will make 10% of everything they all make on the site!

Does this 10% come out of their cut?

Nope, we're paying you out of ours, as a thank you for referring them.

Can I make some serious cash doing this?

Yes, there is no limit on how many dancers you can refer. And you get 10% from all of them!

Is this limited to just dancers in my area?

Nope, this applies to anywhere in the United States. Know dancers across the country? Refer them to XoticSpot, and help us expand nationally.

Want to read the Referral Rewards Terms of Service?

Click here.

Sounds great. What should I do now?

Spread the word. Tell all of the dancers you know to sign up and put you down as their referrer. Post on Facebook. Tweet about it. Anything you can do to spread the word. The more you refer, the more money you can make. This is a great way to start making some serious cash right now!

We are very pleased to announce this new program. Thanks again to everyone who helps make XoticSpot great,

-XoticSpot Management