Age: 117
Location: Portland, OR
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Ethnicity: White
Body Type: Average
Height: 5' 11"
Weight: 175
Hair Color: Dark brown
Eye Color: Hazel
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Just updated my photo gallery.
Shooting a bunch lately, stop in and take a look sometime.
Posted at 10:23 PM Jan 18, 2013
Been shooting a bunch. Lot's of new images in my profile.
Posted at 12:22 PM Jan 9, 2013
This coming Thursday:
Shoot pretty lady.
Get lunch at Acropolis with pretty lady.
Shoot pretty lady, again.
I love Thursday...
Posted at 1:26 PM Apr 10, 2012
Went to LDL for the first time on Tuesday. It was awesome!!!
Posted at 8:43 AM Sep 8, 2011
Figuring this out...
Posted at 3:10 PM Oct 31, 2010
About Me:
Shooting select portfolio images for dancers.
Contact me if you're interested.
Provocative artistitic images.
Orchid   Lurve all your new photos!!!
Jan 21, 2013 - 12:00 PM    Reply
stanridgeway   Just the new one's? :)
Jan 21, 2013 - 2:07 PM    Reply
Elle   See you tomorrrrowwwww
Jan 18, 2013 - 3:39 PM    Reply
stanridgeway   Great! Shon didn't tell me which dancers I would be shooting. It'll be great to see you.
Jan 18, 2013 - 4:11 PM    Reply
Sydney   Let's set up time next week for a shoot!
Feb 14, 2012 - 12:50 PM    Reply
Sydney   Inst Adore soooo fn cute! I love love love all ur shots! Very talented!
Jan 11, 2012 - 12:11 PM    Reply
Devon   Purrr
Oct 21, 2011 - 10:27 AM    Reply