Age: 34
Location: MT
Gender: Male
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Known to Missoula as Stripclub KC from Missoula's rock station 96.3 The Blaze. When asked , while at the Fox Club, if I am Stripclub KC on the radio. All I can do is look around and the clubs walls and say "well if my name is KC and we are in a stripclub...then YES".
I have been a DJ at the Fox for going on 8years. Starting to get the feeling that Im turning into a "LIFER". I enjoy working here still. The girls are so great and easy to talk to.
1.Long walks on the beach
2.Candle lit dinners
3.Punching Kittens
4.standing on a street corner pretending to be homeless
5.Eating scabs
6.Naked pictures of Barbara Bush
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