heavenly   Hi :-)
Apr 12, 2016 - 4:20 PM    Reply
Sweetallura   Hey ladies this guy is the shit. She did not even know me but he went out of his way to help me when I was in need. Now don't get any ideas of using him to your advantage because if you fuck with him like that I will personally bring out the black mamba in me and fuck someone up. This is just a note to say that this guy helped out a fellow dancer/stripper without even knowing me. This man is one good human being. So instead of robbing, hustling or giving him the run around, give him a great dance, show or just show him some love. This man is what we wish all the others on this site could be like. He did not ask for anything in return and was just a good man that did a random act of kindness. So ladies treat him good, no great and if you need to, send me the bill. He deserves the best from all of us and is a keeper. So please do not hustle him or be rude or pushy. He is new to this and if you feel some way then hit me up and I will make it right.
But this man is a good human being and deserves the best from all of us. Because who knows you may need a good heart someday. Thank you for being there for me today and I will always give you VIP treatment just based on the fact that you are "good". Not many guys like you left so I am making a plea to the other girls on this site to treat him VIP as well. Thank you Allura
Mar 11, 2016 - 7:10 PM    Reply