XoticSpot is proud to announce XoticSpot Text!
Our new service allows dancers to make money text messaging with customers safely and anonymously using their existing cell phone. The customer is billed a small monthly charge to communicate, and XoticSpot will split the money with the dancer. This is all done through a dedicated XoticSpot number using your XoticSpot username. This service is offered to dancers at no charge.

Here are the top reasons to sign up for XoticSpot Text today:
  • Safe and Anonymous. There is no need to give out your real phone number. All text messages are proxied through XoticSpot's servers and phone number.
  • Simple, easy to understand system for staying in contact with your clients using just your cell phone.
  • Make money! Your customers will be billed monthly to stay in contact with you, and you receive 50% of the profits!
  • Click here to learn how it works